About the University

About the Institute

Saratov Socio-Economic Institute of Plekhanov Russian University of Economics is the legal successor of the Saratov State Socio-Economic University. The process of unification of federal and regional universities with further subsequent addition of the Saratov Institute of the Russian Trade and Economic University had ended in 2014.

Graduates receive diplomas of the Moscow University, and the quality and practical value of knowledge is ensured with long experience of personnel training by Saratov Socio-Economic Institute.

Nowadays the Institute is focused on professional training, retraining and further professional skills development in the field of economics and management.

The Institute currently comprises 6 faculties, 27 departments, as well as Master’s, post-graduate and doctorate department, College of Economics and Finance, Mounting College, Training Center.

The Institute implements 8 programs of secondary professional education, 89 higher education programs, 26 master's degree programs, 16 training programs for academic staff.

A stable system of continuing education is built in the Institute. The beginning of economic education can be considered as pre-university training and professional guidance of schoolchildren, which allows them to pass successfully the Unified State Examination and obtain general secondary, professional higher education on Bachelor's, Master's and Specialist’s level. Much attention is paid to the development of Master’s level education, the amount of the proposed master's programs is increasing and its practical orientation is constantly updated and strengthened.

There is a possibility for continuing education on postgraduate study and scientific staff has the opportunity to obtain higher qualifications on doctoral studies. Faculty of additional professional education implements educational programs of retraining and professional development. In addition, the Institute is focused on the provision of additional educational services to popular professions, as well as training programs for staff and training for higher qualification. Among the unique programs applicants can choose the project «Master of Business Administration» (MBA) which has international accreditation and a social project «University of the older generation» is fulfilled, in which every year retirees of Saratov region are trained.

A special place in the activities of the Institute is given to the control of the quality of education. The decisive role in this process is creating conditions for efficient studying and obtaining knowledge at all levels of study, including high-quality organization of the state final certification of graduates. All this allows the Institute to prepare highly qualified specialists.

International activities

International activity has always been among areas of priority in Saratov Socio-Economic Institute, strengthening its position in the international scientific and educational space. The Institute develops cooperation with foreign partners in the educational, scientific and cultural spheres. Work of the Institute with partners fr om foreign countries is based on the concept and development program of the international activities.

International activity of the Institute today is:

  • 30 partner universities and organizations fr om Western and Eastern Europe, Asia and CIS countries;
  •  academic mobility;
  • internships and practice in foreign companies;
  • short-term English-taught educational courses in the Institute or abroad;
  • international summer and winter schools, trainings, joint seminars, conferences and other international events; 
  • scientific projects in cooperation with leading foreign universities-partners;
  • double degree program providing for the issue of a state diploma of leading foreign universities;
  •  promotion of educational programs in the foreign market.

For many years, the Institute develops and strengthens cooperation with scientific and educational institutions in Europe and Asia. In the framework of agreements with the partner universities, the Institute invites lecturers from different countries of the world, holds events with international participation: conferences, seminars, workshops and summer schools, creating joint educational programs, exchanges of publications and finds new forms of interaction. International English-taught summer schools became tradition that involves students, lecturers and professors of the partner universities of the Institute.

The participation of foreign students from partner universities on the basis of activities in SSEI gives students of our institute a chance to participate in the semester abroad programs, short-term programs and other events abroad.

The Institute educates students from foreign countries, which enables learners to expand their horizons, exchange experiences and knowledge, as well as to establish international contacts.

 The Institute has successfully participated and continues to participate in international educational programs and projects in collaboration with universities and organizations in different countries.

·        A joint project with the Institute of Technology and Business in České Budějovice (Czech Republic), academic mobility project ERASMUS + International Credit Mobility.

·        Russian-French program in Economics and Management for students from SSEI jointly with Grenoble Alpes University (Grenoble, France). Graduates of the program receive a bachelor degree diploma LICENCE.

·        MBA program, accredited by the Institute of Commercial Management, graduates of the program receive a diploma «Postgraduate diploma in Business Administration» of the Institute of Commercial Management (UK) without additional examination procedures.

·        Russian-Dutch training program for professional marketers (RIMA). Graduates are given double diploma of professional retraining in the field of marketing and of the passage of the basic marketing programs in Inholland University (Netherlands).

·        Russian-German research project "Corruption prevention at the municipal level."

·        Russian-German research project "Small and medium business support by the municipal state”

·        Project TEMPUS ERAMIS «Double competence master’s program in  Informatics”

·        The project ERASMUS MUNDUS «FASTQUAD».

·        The scientific sociological research project "New generation: hope, goals and ideals."

We are always open for new projects and are ready to develop and create new joint programs.

FOREIGN STUDENTS are welcome to participate in the integrated English-taught course on main disciplines of economic science.

The Institute holds the International English-taught program for participation in which Russian and partner-universities’ participants are annually invited. General economic subjects are presented during the course by the best lecturers of the Institute and foreign guest-speakers in English. Participants should defend projects at the end of the course as a form of control and are given certificates with the assignment of ECTS credits. In addition to lecture studying, participants have the opportunity to get acquainted with the peculiarities of the work of state institutions, enterprises, banks and commercial organizations of the region, get a glimpse of the students’ life at our Institute, culture and history of Russia.

The course takes place in April of the current year and results is awarding 10 ECTS credits to the course participants.  

See the details of 2014 course "Understanding Economic Changes"

See the details of 2015 course "Actual Economic Issues"

See the details of 2016 course "Understanding Economic Changes"

International Educational Course
“Understanding Economic Changes”

Students of partner universities are invited to participate in the International Educational Course “Understanding Economic Changes”.

Venue: Saratov
Duration: 3 weeks
Dates: April 10 – 28, 2017       
Fees: participation in the course, accommodation, transfer, excursions – free of charge. Participants will cover their travelling expenses and meals.
Study volume: 
80 hours (including lectures, field trips) and project development.
ECTS-credits: 8
Language of study: English
Number of students on the course: 20 

Application procedure: to register as a course participant you must fill the Application form and send it to any of the Course coordinators (see below) along with your Letter of Motivation and a scanned copy of your international passport.
Application deadline: February 1, 2017 

Parts of the educational course:

    World Economy: Introductory Team-building, Globalization, Economy of Russia.
    Business: Marketing in Russia, Advertising, Competition, etc.
    Finance: Monetary and Financial Systems of Russia, Banking Sector, Securities Market, Pricing, International Standards of Accounts, etc.
•    Management: International Management, Characteristics of management in Russia.
•    Projects Development: Individual Projects Development, Work with Scientific Supervisors.
•    Culture: Regional Studies, Culture and Arts of Russia, Colloquial Russian Language.
    Additional activities:
        Field trips to local enterprises, banks and governmental bodies.
        Tour of the city.
        Visits to museums.
        Visit to a theatre or/and conservatory.
    Assessment of the course:
    The results of the course will be assessed through round table discussions and defense of individual or group projects.

    Outcome of the course:
    At the end of the course the participants will be awarded with certificates listing the studied disciplines and the number of credits.

    Students who are registered for the course will receive by e-mail:
        complete programme of stay;
        course materials;
        other additional information.
    Course coordinators:
    Evgeniya Tokareva
    Head of the International Relations Office
    Tel: 007 (8452) 21-17-45 (English)
    e-mail: eugenietok@mail.ru

    Elena Lugovaya
    Assistant Head of the International Relations Office
    Tel: 007 (8452) 21-17-45 (German)
    e-mail: lugovaya@ssea.runnet.ru

    Olga Smirnova
    Specialist of the International Relations Office
    Tel: 007 (8452) 33-38-90 (English and German)
    e-mail: smirnovaom@ssea.runnet.ru

    Informational Letter about the course.

      in 2016 – 2017

    Educational services on a fee-paying basis are provided in accordance with agreements and contracts between Saratov Socio-Economic Institute (SSEI) and foreign educational establishments or individuals in the frame of Art. 29 and 33 of the Law of the Russian Federation "About Higher and Postgraduate Professional Education" and the University Charter.  

    Applicants from CIS countries enter SSEI in accordance with conditions of competition for foreign citizens and in line with International Treaties concluded with the Governments of the Republic of Belarus, the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Kyrgyz Republic, the Republic of Tajikistan and have equal rights to be enrolled in the Institute to the spaces financed at the expense of the appropriate budget as well as spaces with the payment of tuition fees under contracts in accordance with admission regulations, approved by the state educational establishment.  

    Applications for full-time study are accepted from June 1 to July 15 of the running year.

    A foreign citizen should provide the following documents when applying for admission to SSEI:    

    • copy of valid national passport;  
    • state-recognized document of education (original or its duly certified copy);  
    • a duly certified translation into Russian of a document of a foreign state on the level of education and (or) the qualifications and enclosures to it (if the latter is provided by the laws of the State in which the document is issued);  
    • in case of applicant’s transfer from another educational establishment – transcript of records with the list of studied subjects and grades;  
    • medical report duly certified by the health authority of the sending country;  
    • medical report or certificate of passing medical examination for AIDS duly certified by the health authority of the sending country;  
    • medical insurance policy, valid in Russian Federation, taken out at the moment of enrolment;  
    • 6 photos 4 x 6.  

    The amount of tuition fee is subject to indexation every next year.  

    On completing the education at SSEI, foreign citizens, having successfully mastered the study programme and passed final state assessment, receive state-recognized diplomas corresponding to the level of education and qualification.

    Facts and Figures


    More than 80 bachelor, master’s, specialist, postgraduate and secondary professional educational programs;

    More than 100 additional professional educational programs;

    More than 10 000 students and trainees;

    480 highly qualified lecturers, 88% of whom are PhDs;

    6 faculties, Master’s, PhDs and Doctorate Department, 27 departments, Economy and Finance College, Mounting College, Educational Center;

    10 main scientific schools in field of finance and economics, management and business controlling, personnel management, economic sociology and history, trading businesses, state and municipal administration, business-informatics;

    4 reputable research and practice journals;

    Students' Scientific Society, Council of young scientists and association of creative students, winners of student research conferences at various levels;

    12 branches of the departments in finance and tax organizations, federal government authorities, enterprises;

    Enterprises and partner organizations that provide internships and employment to the students and graduates;

    More than 30 foreign partner universities, unique programs of studying abroad;

    18 sports sections, 60 masters of sports and candidates in masters of sports;

    13 modern teaching and lab research buildings;

    255 classrooms and laboratories with modern equipment;

    5 library reading halls, open access to the electronic library systems, informational and educational databases, catalogs and resources;

    Developed infrastructure: 2 dormitories, medical center, canteens;

    Concert Hall with 600 seats, 3 assembly halls;

    3 sports halls, 4 gyms, 3 halls for table tennis, 2 halls for rhythmic gymnastics, gym for therapeutic physical training, sports and recreation center with a swimming pool, a sports camp on the bank of the Volga river;

    Infrastructure for people with disabilities.     

    Scientific activities

     The most important part of the activities of the university is the training of the academic staff. These are postgraduate, doctoral programs, preparation of tresses at the departments of the Institute. We train highly qualified personnel in 10 scientific fields. In recent years, there is a great expand of the list of areas in scientific researches; interdisciplinary clusters in scientific research was formed influencing the Institute’s increased competitiveness in the market of educational services and scientific products; innovation activities were increased in all departments of the Institute; there is a great increase in production of scientific, educational, methodical literature; significantly increased funding of basic and applied research activities and experimental development. The formation of innovative scientific and educational complex has carried out successfully in the Institute, the main elements of which are the scientific schools. There are 10 available academic schools.

    Scientific research work of the Institute has reflected in the practice of regional authorities, public institutions, and commercial organizations. Over the years there is a maintained beneficial and fruitful cooperation with them. 

    The students that have showed interest and ability in research work are members of the Student Scientific Society and are invited to participate in conferences, competitions, contests, researches and to the implementation of grants. They also take an active part in the work of business incubators, in research and creative entrepreneurial projects, which are organized by the Chamber of Commerce of the Saratov region and the region's leading employers.

    Employment of graduates

     The Institute has a long experience of students' practical training on the basis of the region's leading enterprises, government agencies and organizations of all forms of ownership, and in promoting employment of graduates. One of the main tasks of the Institute is the provision of information and consulting the students in the selection of the interim and permanent employment; teaching them modern technology of job searching and effective employment; searching for potential employers and attracting them to cooperate with the organizations in field of practices, training and employment; the formation of bank positions. Nowadays qualified graduates of the Institute occupy leading positions in government, become chefs of leading organizations and businesses, and make a significant contribution in the development of the Saratov region and the country's economy. Many graduates are senior government officials of the region

    Creativity, sports and social activities

           The Institute has made a system of support for the creative development of the individuals. Annually the Institute holds the competitive selection of talent students among first-year students and involves them to the creative teams.

    In Saratov Socio-Economic Institute of Plekhanov Russian University of Economics under the guidance of professionals operates the center of students’ creativity. Areas of centers’ work are choreography, vocal, theatrical skills, original genre, “KVN” (Club of the Funny and Inventive People) etc. Students of the Institute participate in the international, national, regional, and city competitions and festivals.

    The Institute conducts art festivals, including various sports venues in the city, master classes and workshops for student activists, visit orphanages.

    The Institute has developed and successfully implemented a system of motivating of talented and successful students.

    In order to form an active life position, to develop researching initiatives and creativity, to increase the responsibility and initiation to the "adult life", social and legal protection of students, the organization of leisure, rest and recovery, the solution of domestic problems in the Institute works the student associations, such as councils, unions, communities, clubs, volunteer movement, etc.

    Many students showed themselves in public and political life of the region and are involved in the legislative process. Thus, representatives of the Institute are members of the Youth Parliament of the Saratov region, the Youth public convocation at the municipality "City Saratov," the Department of the Russian Union of Youth of the Saratov region.

    Great importance is devoted to a healthy way of life of its students, lecturers and staff. There are various sport sections in the Institute. They are led by honored employees of physical culture, candidates for the master and the master of sports. Students-athletes defend the honor of the Institute, participating at the city, regional competitions, at international tournaments, championships of Russia, Europe and the World. Gold and silver medals of students are the pride of our Institute.

    Material and technical equipment of the Institute

    Material and technical resources of the Institute includes 106 objects with a total area of about 110 thousands m2. The Institute has a medical center, print shop, 2 dormitories for students living, canteens, gyms, halls for table tennis and rhythmic gymnastics lessons, physical therapy, modern fitness center with a swimming pool.

    The studying process includes lessons in computer classes, multimedia rooms.

    The Institute has its own library and information complex with electronic reading rooms, wh ere there is organized access to e-library systems, information and educational databases, catalogs and resources.

    Students performances, concerts, contests are held in the big concert hall of the Institute.

    In order to cultivate a healthy lifestyle, the Institute conducts outreach activities in the nature in its sports camp "The Economist", which is located in a beautiful area of Marks city of Saratov region. The camp has the necessary sporting facilities: playground for beach football, volleyball, basketball, table tennis.

    Every year students, postgraduates, Institute staff and their families have rest and improve their athletic skills in the camp.


    Saratov is a city which has more than 420 year’s history. Today, it is not only a regional and administrative center of the region, but also one of the largest and most beautiful cities of the Volga region. There are more than 800 thousand citizens in the city. Saratov consists of 6 administrative regions.

    Modern Saratov combines the architecture of an ancient merchant city and modern metropolis. Our city is a city of universities, theaters and museums.

    The main attractions of Saratov are: the Saratov Victory Park at Mountain Sokolovaya, Kirova Avenue, popularly referred to "Saratov Arbat", Cosmonauts’ embankment and others.

    Victory Park is a memorial complex, a monument to all the soldiers who died in World War II. The park presents samples of military equipment - tanks, trains, and aircrafts.  The main monument of Sokolovaya mountain is the stele with cranes, located at the top of it. A great view to Saratov, Volga River and Engels opens from the mountain.  

    Kirova Avenue is a popular place for walking with its Conservatory, Movie Theater, miniature monuments of modern art, bookstores, jewelry shops, boutiques and cafes, quiet and picturesque park Lipki, wh ere people can relax after exploring the city center in the cool shade of the trees.

    Cosmonauts’ embankment offers an unforgettable view of the Volga River and the Bridge "Saratov-Engels."

    A popular place to visit is the Saratov’s Chernyshevskiy Opera and Ballet Theatre, Radishchev Art Museum, Saratov Regional Museum of Local Lore.

    The monuments of spiritual culture are: the temples and churches of the city, such as Trinity Cathedral, Duhososhestvensky Cathedral and others.

    Saratov has successful cooperation in various spheres of economic and cultural life not only with individual Russian regions, but also with the neighbour countries and far abroad, facilitated by the presence of the "three gates" Saratov: land (road and railway stations), air (airport) and the river (a river Station is one of the most beautiful recreation areas - on the embankment).